About NSAA

Note From The Founder and President

Research has shown that kids who are in the arts do better in other subjects, score higher on standardized tests, stay out of trouble, and are more likely to graduate and go to college. Many of the skills required to succeed in today’s work force are the same skills learned from participating in a program in the arts, such as problem solving, self-motivation, discipline, and teamwork.

At North Shore Academy of the Arts, Inc., we believe in the value of the arts, not only for what it can do for our culture, but what it can provide for our future; in helping our participants discover and nurture their talents and realize their dreams.

With a powerful board of leadership, supporting businesses, volunteer community members, as well as the experienced staff of instructors, this not-for-profit company provides opportunities to everyone in the community to learn, grow, blossom and flourish in the arts and in their own personal growth.

We’d like to thank all of those who have shared with us at NSAA, and we look forward to our expansion and continued success as we offer the full spectrum of opportunities from dabbling in the arts to providing pathways to reach for the stars!

Sheri Bestor
Founder and President

Mission Statement

North Shore Academy of the Arts, Inc. (NSAA) is a not-for-profit company dedicated to offering high caliber opportunities in the performing, visual, and literary arts to all ages. It is designed to encourage, inspire and promote creativity while fostering a cultural appreciation of the arts in our communities. NSAA promotes a sense of self worth, responsibility, and strength of character while providing individuals and families the means to recognize and develop talents, interests, assets, and aspirations. Beyond the arts, NSAA strives to build healthy communities through the development of positive values and a commitment that will be evident across all cultural and socio-economic groups.