Policies and Procedures

Safe Environment

North Shore Academy of the Arts is dedicated to not only providing an enriching environment, but a safe one as well, so that all students enjoy and feel comfortable working in the artistic atmosphere at our facility.


Classes will be canceled due to inclement weather when necessary.

Our Staff:

We carefully interview all potential employees and require a gather a variety of types of information on them including resumes, references, and background checks prior to hiring.

Our Facility:

We do our best to keep the environment clean and safe by having a cleaning service and requiring each instructor to maintain a clean, organized classroom.

Our Policies:

We encourage parents and students to follow guidelines to insure the safety of everyone. Our policies include but are not limited to:

  • filling out emergency forms at the onset of a session
  • children are asked to not leave the building unattended*
  • parents are encouraged to accompany children to and from the building*
  • instructors are to stay at the facility until all students have been picked up
  • instructors are to fill out accident reports and notify parents if there is an accident on-site

*Recently we came across the website provided by the State for those persons who are on the sexual offender list. As there are offenders living within Ozaukee County, we are sharing this site with you for your information. It is imperative that you understand that our purpose of sharing is to merely pass on this information. Nothing has occurred in or around our building to cause us any concern, but we at NSAA wanted you to be aware that this information is available to you.